When will more [insert soap variety] be available?

In most cases, I am not able to give a useful time frame. I don't make soap on a set schedule; I simply make what I can when I can. I post all stock updates on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Why are so many items out of stock?

As a one-man operation, I am only able to make so much soap; I don't have any employees, my batches are small, and I make qite a few varieties. Maintaining constant stock of every product on the site would be a full-time job unto itself (that is, without having to pack and ship orders, answer emails, constantly clean, etc.). I do my best to make as much soap as I can, but it just isn't possible for me to keep every item in stock at all times. In addition, I am often limited by finances; raw materials are not cheap and, contrary to the apparent perception of many, I have not become wealthy by selling handmade soap on the internet.

I'd like to order the following varieties all together, many of which are currently out of stock. Could I place an order for all of the items and just wait until they are all ready? I'm very patient.

While this seems like a reasonable course of action, it's something that I prefer not to do. If I were to start taking such orders, things would get very messy very quickly. Furthermore, it can take a very long time for such orders to be ready to ship.

Can I add an item to my existing order?

Yes, just place a new order and email me telling me that you've done so. I'll combine the two orders and refund the appropriate amount for shipping.

I live near or in or will be visiting near or in Portland. Can I pick up my order or just stop by to check things out?

I work from my home and I am not at all set up for drop-ins or pick-ups. Sorry.

Do any shops in Portland carry your products?

No, not at the moment.

What are you in school for?

Nothing. While it is the case that I started Mike's Natural Soaps in 2011 while I was a graduate student in Classical Philology, I left my program in the summer of 2012 when it became clear that it was not possible to pursue both endeavors simultaneously.