Way back in 2009, I became absolutely fed up with my painful and expensive shaving ritual consisting of a multi-blade cartridge razor and one of many varieties of pressurized goo in a can. In an effort to make my facial hair removal not only more cost-effective, but also more pleasant, I took to the internet for information on alternatives. It didn't take long for me to stumble upon the wet shaving forums, all of which extolled the virtues of shaving with a brush and a traditional, non pressurized, soap or cream. After reading countless testimonials professing the efficacy of these practices, I ordered myself some traditional shaving gear. Since then, my morning shave has transformed from an unpleasant chore to a luxurious treat that I look forward to every day.

So how did this lead to my setting up an online soap shop? My shaving renaissance led me to experiment with a wide variety of soaps and creams. I was so impressed with their performance that I became interested in their composition. After some researching, I decided it might be fruitful to try my hand at making my own shaving soap. With this in mind, I embarked upon my new hobby, which immediately satisfied my fastidious nature. My efforts at producing an excellent shaving soap for my wet shaving brethren quickly expanded into the realm of bath soaps for my friends and family as well. After all, I had long given up on mass-produced, chemical-laden, bath "soaps" in favor of real, natural soap. I use all of my products myself and am dedicated to creating the most sensory-satisfying soaps possible using natural, skin nurturing ingredients, which will turn your most mundane grooming and bathing routines into something far more opulent.